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Phoenix Hipwear

Women's Hipwear Set

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Each Set contains Underwear + Shields

Set 1 - $178

1 pair of underwear + 1 set of shields
A starting option for those who will only be wearing occasionally.

Set 2 - $215

2 pair of underwear + 1 set of shields
Enough to wear more regularly, for those who do not need all day, every day protection. May be enough if living in a home environment with regular laundry.

Set 3 - $248

3 pair of underwear + 1 set of shields
Best for those who need all day, every day protection. If living in a senior community this is the preferred option to allow for laundry delays.

Our Women's Full Brief is a high quality underwear style for a super comfortable fit all day and through the night.

Specially designed with discreet pockets for Phoenix Hipwear Shields, to provide advanced hip protection.

The fabric is a high quality, soft 95% cotton for a trim fit while being light and comfortable to wear.

If incontinence products such as pads or pull-ups are used, please choose ONE size up.

How to measure to select the correct size

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Customer Reviews

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Makes me feel safer

I have been wearing hip protectors for some time, I have had a few falls but nothing broken, thanks goodness! I recently purchased a Women's set of the new Phoenix style. The underwear is very comfortable and fits well. The shields look good and are easy to put in the pockets. Once they are in I cannot feel them and wear them all day with my normal clothes. I recently had a fall and wearing hip protectors makes me feel safer.