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Hip protection to those who are active and health focused.

Where traditional hip protection is bulky and uncomfortable, we are revolutionizing protection with the latest in 3D Printed Impact Protection technology.

Watch the performance demonstration to see just how protective Phoenix Hipwear 3D Shields are.

Phoenix Hipwear wants to empower your active lifestyle! 

Our 3D Printed Shield is:

  • Lighter
  • Thinner
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • All while being high performing 

At around 10mm thick (that's just over 1/4 of an inch) and weighing around 60g (just over 2 ounces - about 2 slices of bread), these shields can easily be worn under leggings or any normal clothing without being bulky and uncomfortable.

We are ready to launch this great new shield so click here to be one of the first to buy: WOMEN'S HIPWEAR SET or MEN'S HIPWEAR SETS


The new 3D Printed Shield is being produced locally in the US in small quantities. We will notify you when you place your order of an expected timeframe to ship your order. Orders will be processed as they are they are received so we apologize if there is a delay in shipping your order as we wait for more shields to be produced. As a small business we are doing everything we can to get our product out to those who need it, and we are grateful for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your order.