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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions, please email and we'll get back to you straight away.

How do I order?
You can order using the online SHOP or if you prefer to email us your order, email to

Please make sure you let us know the hip measurement and whether you are ordering for a female or male and also advise whether incontinence products will be worn with the hip protectors.

We ship throughout the US and NZ. Some customers have reported errors when entering their address, if this happens please email your details to and we can process the order for you.

If you live in another country, please email and we can arrange shipping to you directly.

I work at a Senior Care Community and am interested in finding out more about Phoenix Hipwear?
We would love to hear from you. We work with many senior care communities so if you would like to receive an information pack and sample set and to set up an account, please email us on

How do I wash the underwear and shield?
The underwear garments are just like normal clothing, wash and dry as you do with any underwear but do not bleach. Like any garments, hot water and a hot dryer will age them more quickly.

The shields should just be wiped down with hot water. They are pretty sturdy but don't put them through the washing machine as this can prevent them working effectively.

What if incontinence products are also worn?
Just measure around the hips and then choose one size up.

How do I measure?
Click here to watch a video on how to measure.
Click here to open the Measuring Guide.

Why does a Starter Pack include 3 pairs of underwear and 1 pair of shields?
Most people need 3 pairs of underwear which allows for "one pair on, one in the wash, a spare in the drawer" and only 1 pair of shields is necessary as the shields are transferred between wearing and washing.

Why don't you have underwear with sewn in shields?
We are working on this option so be sure to add your details to our newsletter list so you hear all about our updates.

The main concern with sewn in shields is the risk of wearing a garment with a damaged shield that doesn't protect, but it's hidden in a pocket and you can't tell it's damaged. That's why we are working on a solution that gives you the peace of mind that we haven't just put a shield in a pocket and sewn it shut. 

Why are they only available in Black?
We make a lot of our decisions based on feedback from customers. Over the years, the overwhelming request has been for black underwear. There are a few reasons for this preference - over time black underwear continues to look black, the same can't be said for lighter color garments. This is especially so when incontinence products are used and when the garments are laundered in commercial settings. 

However we are definitely open to suggestions and we may offer different colors in the future, so be sure to add your details to our newsletter list so we can keep you updated. 

I'm buying for someone who lives in a senior care community, how to I order so it gets to them?
We work with many senior care homes, so send us an email with the details and we can arrange the rest. We can contact the community to arrange measurements and can get the right information so the hip protectors get to your loved one quickly.

What if it doesn't fit?
If you have done the hip measurement correctly we can pretty much guarantee it will fit. However, always make sure a pair is tried on over top of underwear and not named or washed until the fit is checked. If the fit isn't right, email us as soon as you can so we can get the correct size arranged.

Do you offer a 100% guarantee that Phoenix Hipwear will prevent a hip fracture in a fall?
No, there is not 100% guarantee. Phoenix Hipwear underwear with hip protector shields are designed to protect the hips from injuries in a fall. While they may help lessen the severity of the impact in a fall, it does not guarantee that they will prevent a hip fracture.

What research says is that if you are wearing a hip protector at the time of a fall, there is around 69-80% reduction in the risk of a hip fracture.

Like all preventative devices, we are one more tool in the toolbox, as part of a holistic approach to managing osteoporosis and your fall and fracture risk. We recommend focusing on falls prevention, nutrition and exercise and the extra protection that Phoenix Hipwear can provide.