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My Parents Are Falls Risk

When my father was just 68 years old, he had a stroke that left him with left side paralysis. Overnight he went from a strong, active man running a business, to a hospital bed and months of physical therapy. He never regained his previous physical function, and 12 years on he can only walk a few minutes at a time, with assistance. He has had a number of falls but so far, with hip protectors in place, he hasn't had a hip fracture. 

My mother is 79 and has osteoporosis. She has cared for my father for the last 12 years at home but as she has aged, falling has become more of a concern. She recently had a hip replacement due to severe osteoporosis causing pain and instability when walking. She has had a few falls. She wears Phoenix Hipwear every day and it gives her, and our family, the peace of mind that she is as protected as possible should she fall again. She knows that if she has a hip fracture, she will no longer be able to care for my father and they will both have to move into a care home.