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Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams, Founder & CEO (New Zealand)

In 2011 Natasha launched a new hip protector, working with a US sports company to develop a soft and flexible shield. In those early years, hip protection was a reasonably new concept and this new product, soon became the market leader in New Zealand, and quickly became the preferred hip protector offering for a number of leading senior care communities across the US.

In 2014 she was the co-author of a clinical paper summary presented at the International Symposium of Osteoporosis and published in International Osteoporosis Journal. Natasha has been actively involved in a number of US healthcare groups, with a focus on those who are at risk of injury due to their advanced age or medical condition. She was invited in 2014 to join the US National Osteoporosis Foundation Corporate Advisory Roundtable and in 2017 to join their National Leadership Team as a US Ambassador.

In 2018, Natasha was granted an O-1 Visa for the US, awarded to people who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field. This enabled Natasha to relocate to the US, moving to Dallas, TX where she stayed until March 2020, when the impact of Covid meant returning to New Zealand was the best move for her and her family.

With a consistent focus on product improvement, along with feedback from customers both in New Zealand, the US and other international markets, it become clear that it was time to review the current hip protector and find ways to create something even better.

Partnering with ImpctLAB, a New York based team on a mission to create the best impact protection products, has enabled Natasha to create the best hip protector yet.

Natasha has a large international network, with incredible relationships with healthcare specialists across a number of disciplines. With an increasing aging population and the recognition that prevention is a key opportunity to manage negative health outcomes, such as hip fractures, Natasha is excited to bring such an important product to the world.

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