Crash Cloud™ Energy Absorption System

Phoenix Hipwear has partnered with Windpact to create an advanced hip protection solution with soft, light and flexible shields that provide high levels of impact protection.

Windpact is a Technology and Applied Science company focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of impact protection solutions for everyday lives.

Their patented Crash Cloud System both absorbs energy as it compresses, and dissipates energy through impact vents, before rapidly re-inflating like a spring. By adjusting the type of foam and rate of controlled airflow, the Crash Cloud can be tuned to address a wide range of real-world impacts.

Repeatable Protection

  • Other solutions are limited and often need replacing after impact.
  • The Crash Cloud enables both the energy absorption system and the user to withstand multiple impacts.

Light and Comfortable

  • Safety should not be bulky and restrictive.
  • The unique combination of controlled airflow and light open cell foams enables to reduce the weight and size.
  • The system provides great impact protection without restrictions.

Material Benefits

  • UV resistant and resists breaking down in the elements.
  • Antimicrobial as its materials provide a better barrier against germs.